My Tai Chi Life On Youtube

My Tai Chi Life Youtube Channel here


  1. […] My Tai Chi Life On Youtube […]

  2. Luv your blog and your website…feeling awfully nostalgic about not having kept up my Tai Chi. what do you recommend for people like me that want to ‘jump start’ it again? On another note, good seeing you on YouTube. Trust you are well. Sorry we didn’t get together this summer to do some Tai Chi outdoors…let’s connect soon.
    all the best, Jen

    • Hey Jennifer!

      I’m glad you like the blog and the youtube stuff. I have a friend building an on-line tai chi website–offering on line lessons–all the videos are done, I just need to wait for him to set up the thing so we can upload the videos.

      In the meantime, if you go to my youtube channel and click on my favorites, you’ll see two videos of a master fu zhongwen performing the Yang style. I used his book extensively when I was teaching Yang style to you guys, so he’s a good model to look at. If you can’t get to it via my channel, just search fu zhongwen on youtube.

      I’m glad you’re reading! Start doing some brushknee twiststeps!

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