Mike Ferruggia

Mike Ferruggia

Columbia University, class of 1982

Studied at:

Taoist Arts Center, New York

Ying Jow Pai Eagle Claw Kung Fu School, New York

Teacher of :

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Long Form

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Long Form

Chi Kung (qi gong)

Taoist Meditation and contemplation

Former owner and sifu of Ride the Planet Tai Chi Studio in Montclair, NJ


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  2. I have also see Rev. Murdock and found his 7 laws very interesting and like you I too seem to be drawn to Pastor Melissa. In growing up I studied hun gar, tiger, and some Tae kwon do, I am since 49 years old and need to get back in physical shape and upon searching for in about the 7 Spiritual laws to add with my own notes, that I might teach it to others, I am now considering Tai Chi I noticed that you were in Montclair I am in Newark and last year walked away from my job to dedicate myself to full time ministry to others ( I do not ask for donations from members ) Financially my budget is very tight (as is most people’s who are even working) but I am at peace and life is good. I would not be able to afford to pay much at all. Could you suggest a method of study that might in addition to the spiritual benefits of Tai Chi would also aid in significant weight loss (100 Lbs ).

    My the God of all creation give you his peace and joy.


    • Hi Rick, thanks for visiting, and God Bless your ministry. I’m not currently teaching, but I do have the website up of online courses, http://www.mytaichilife.com.
      I’m going to do a post on tai chi and weightloss so I hope you check it out.


  3. Hi Angela,

    I’m not sure where else to get the book except by sending Mike Murdoch some money, which I don’t particularly endorse, although I won’t go so far to say it would be a bad thing. If you believe in his ministry and want to support it, fine, and give it as a “seed” with expectation, fine. But I do have to say, every time I watch the show, and it’s the same show each time, I get something new out of it. I’m even appreciating his piano playing at the begining!

    But I also want to say that while the focus at the end is on financial success, I remember thast my spiritual life all my life has been more in the vein of a Dorothy Day, giving up on material possessions to align oneself with the poor and to live simply. We must also remember that Christ’s way is the way of the cross, so…

    anyway, peace,


  4. Hi Mike,
    I was up late and saw the program in which Mike Murdock laid out the 7 Laws of uncommon success. I was so happy to find the summary you put on you put on your website. I have been trying to buy that book. Do you know where I can get it?

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