Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 10, 2015

The Buick Skylark

My Uncle Al, short for Alippio, was of Portuguese descent and married my mother’s sister. For many years, during most of my childhood, he drove a buick skylark, white, and I’m gonna guess a ’64. Classic, square, a buick. He always gad mondays off and often my mother would ask him to drive her to get certain chores done.
Uncle Al drove slow. He held the wheel not in a fist but with his thumb on top with the rest of his fingers. The break pedal was high and he’d have to lift his foot off the gas pedal to apply the break. Uncle Al was gentle, the epitome of gentleness, a gentleman. He and his car were one. Mention zen and Uncle Al in the same breath.
I’ve been having a series of car dreams and its fascinating which cars show up whether the steering works or not, and I even experienced a crash in an overpass in one dream. I wasnt hurt. A dump truck was in the wrong lane barreling right for me. I swerved and hit a wall.
The last 2 dreams were abiut white cars from the 60’s. I dreamed my dad and I had identical white I believe they were chevies. I took his to go somewhere and he asked why I was taking his car. I didnt want to bother switching so I told him just to use mine. They were the same anyway.
in the latest dream I was driving Uncle Al’s buick. On the highway to ny I put it in reverse and was driving backwards towards tge airport. The car achieved airlift andi was flying towards tge airport albeit struggling to achieve height(I hope the meaning to this isn’t simply sexual!).
My uncle represents true zen to me. What grace. The car is the same. Strong, tai chi like in its slow flowing movement, classic, reliable, strong.
I want to get to where I’m going in a ’64 white buick skylark.

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