Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 7, 2014

zen taoist way redefines your world(selling shoes the zen way)

The best way to sell shoes is the zen way: allow the shoes to sell themselves. This should be a metaphor for evereverything in your life.  make sure you have the sizing right, use quality materials, know how to make shoes, throw in some style but make sure they’re comfortable, then allow the shoes to sell themselves. 

We sometimes think that if we can just figure out how to go with the flow or allow the universe to arrange itself without our interference then everything will go our way. The problem is the universe will align itself with truth and proper principles and most of the time we have no clue what the truth is. We’ve defined our own world and what our expectations are so we think the universe should conform. But the truth is if we reflect on what is happening around us, the universe is redefining our perspective for us. So you can go with the flow all you want but will the zen way make you a manager of a retail store or sell crappy shoes that dont fit? You can interfere with things and advertise and bamboozle people into buying crappy shoes and make a whole lot of money, but does the universe care about that? Being zen means allowing things to arrange themselves in their purest form. 

So where do you standcwith zen way? If you stripped yourself of the personas and the bells and whistles and didnt pull the wool over people’s eyes, and just let the universe place you in the arrangement, have you got the genuine goods to be in a good place. And where you end up is zen telling you this is where you stand at this point in your life.

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