Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 17, 2014

wu wei works both ways; be the solution

Wu wei is allowing things to work out properly.  You don’t act out of the emotions of the ego or try to force a resolution.  You act from proper principles in a gentle and sincere way. In Christian terms this is trusting in God’s providence. it is amazing how, if we would just get out of our own way and in the way of the sage, the right people and circumstances will come along. God brings the people and pieces into play; sometimes we make it very difficult for Him, but he will get the job done. Why would you allow yourself to be led by secular people or ways when God Almighty is standing right in front of you with outstretched hand ready to lead and guide you?! But the point of the post today is that as the Unknown is bringing people and pieces into play for you, He is also bringingyou Iinto play for others. You are also a ssolution.  So it is even more important for you to cultivate superior qualities and develop good gong fu-knowing what to do- so that when God brings you onto play you can fulfill His plan and not make Him go to plan B!


  1. Unforced errors are the worst. We make them all the time.

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