Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 18, 2014


Of all the precious gifts in the world to have, we encouraged to place wisdom at the top of the list. In the Book of Sirach, in the Bible(I’m not sure if Sirach is only in Catholic editions, it comes right after the book of , well, Wisdom!), it is clear that the beginning of wisdom is Fear of the Lord. Now, let’s define fear, because, in this context, it certainly does mean fear like being afraid. But it means more, and anyone with any kind of wisdom knows that people can try to make you fear them but there is no lasting quality to being made to do things out of fear. So here, fear means also recognizing, acknowledging God the Creator and all powerful and almighty. Wisdom begins with this awareness of God.

If you cultivate wisdom, wisdom will serve you well. How do you become wise? Experience. Awareness and love of God. Going to the 2 wells, the well of holy books like the Bible and the I Ching, and the internal well of your own mind heart and spirit. Striving to live with right action. Not acting out of the emotions of the ego. A fearful man is not a wise man. An anxiety ridden person is not wise. A person who takes no time to think and reflect is not wise. A person who is overly ambitous is not wise.

A person who treats others with friendliness and a genuine good will will act wisely and become wise.

Wisdom is a gift, but we can cultivate ourselves so that we are ready and prepared to accept this grace of wisdom. Mike Murdoch, whatever the real deal is with him, has done tremendous work on wisdom.

Being good is wise. Learning and education and knowledge leads to wisdom. Cultivating good friendships is wise. Honoring your famly is wisdom. Being good stewards of the things placed under your ausppices is wise. Wasting is not wisdom.

Surround yourself with people who are wise. Surround yourself with buffoons and idiots and it will rub off on you.

We sometimes think it’s hard to make the wise choice. Maybe it’s not so hard. Consult the I Ching. It is filled with wisdom. Consult your own heart. It really knows what is right.


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