Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 15, 2013

The I Ching; Inferior Influences

In consulting the I Ching for some general advice the other day, I was advised that it is inevitable that there will be times that inferior forces and influences will rise to the top, both in the exterior world and in one’s self. The good news is that the Book Of Changes makes it equally clear that it ought to be inevitable that positive forces and influences also come to the fore.

The secular matrix we live in seems to be overwhelmingly ruled by inferior influences, motives of greed and control, leadership by fear and intimidation, selfishness. I have faith that these influences are not sustainable, they cannot sustain themselves. The I Ching and Tao de Ching are very clear on this. It just seems like there is so much money and power on the side of the inferior influences that they do anything and everything to maintain the status quo for themselves. (Just one example or two: If what is said about Monsanto, the food corporation is true, then how totally evil is it that the world’s food supply is being replaced by genetically modified plants that may be horribly bad for us causing sickness and death. And the fear that the seeds of the original grains may be lost forever. Is that mind blowing or what? I suppose a Taoist might not get too riled by it because in the long run, such inferior behavior cannot win out. Or the example of the corporate matrix of behavioral control of its workers, never mind the job they do on consumers, but the people that work for them, the whole economic setup is so, well, I’ll say insidious because people need jobs and the hard working ethic of people is that they will do anything to provide for their families and the brainwashing that takes place makes you think you’re doing the right thing, well, I’m rambling a bit but if you get the idea, than you get the idea. But a little bit of awareness points out the absurdity of it all.


The best advice the I Ching offers is for the person on the right path to use the time when the inferior influences are in power to work on self improvement. While the situation is stagnating, you do not have to. Work on yourself, re aligning with the sage, aligning yourself with correct action, and working to become the superior person we are all called to be.

It’s easy to be pulled off center, to be distracted, to be made to forget what you are really all about. But once and a while, retreat into stillness, go to the mountains, recharge the batteries, and remember who you are.


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