Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 15, 2013

Tai Chi Energy Work and Health and Wellness

I wanted to reiterate some ideas on the energy work that occurs in practicing tai chi, chi kung(qi gong) and seated and standing meditations. The human body is sort of a big electromagnet, with positive and negative poles, energy running throughout the body, and a field or aura, or electromagnetic field surrounding the body. When this energy is blocked, or the outer field weak or disturbed, we get sick and are not as healthy.

Sitting in silence and acting like a radar dish, we are able to strengthen the dan tien, the storage place for chi, and build up the field of energy. The same happens when doing standing post meditation, chi kung, and the tai chi forms. We strengthen and balance the energies. We should practice every day, pay attention to what we eat, get sleep, and focus on our field of energy.

Breathing is basic and fundamental and healthy. At night, relax the tummy and breathe using the diaphragm. Don’t force in or out but allow the tummy to rise and fall. This breathing is restorative and balancing and is even the first line of emergency self treatment in the event of any catastrophic event.


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