Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 21, 2013

The Tai Chi Yogi

Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. I have been working on two writing projects. One is re typing a book I wrote when I had my tai chi studio called, appropriately, Notes From A Tai Chi Studio. I’m entering a hard copy into my laptop and am hoping to self publish it. The second is kind of my ,masterwork, The Contemplative Practice of Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu. I’m in the middle of it, but I’m so undisciplined that it sits for long periods.

Part of the problem is living in the secular world. I have to pay the rent, I have to buy food, so I have to work. And work has been a boatload of fun. I changed jobs in July and have been working to move up a little, and recently did, but I had to change locations which means a longer drive.

It’s so easy in the secular world to be distracted, to be pulled off center, to have all your time taken up, to be anxious, if not anxiety ridden. But it’s in these things that I have had the most opportunity to attempt to put my tai chi practice into play. I know I haven’t gotten it completely right. I still err on the side of “yin,” wanting to avoid confrontation at all costs. But I know Tai Chi is about the balance of yin and yang, and there are times when I should be more yang.  But the exercise of trying to live life according to tai chi principles, taoist principles, of consulting the I Ching in the decision making process, is good work.

Ultimately, one of the lessons learned in that while the outside world offers a perfectly legitimate scapegoat for things that go wrong in our lives, the truth more often lies within ourselves. Right action, pure mind, disciplined practice will often ameliorate the outside world.

So, on a day off, I sit and write a bit, and clarify in my mind what it is I want to be: A tai chi yogi! I suppose it’s the same as a taoist master , except that the phrase tai chi yogi encorporates the two things that have come together in my own practice. I don’t really practice yoga, except for the meditation, and my mind aspires to be a yoga mind, and it’s through the tai chi that I work towards it, and really, what is tai chi but a form of yoga that you can also use as a martial art!

So, yes, I want to grow my beard and hair real long, sit in the woods and do tai chi and meditation all day, and, I guess, become a tai chi hippie(I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s). In the meantime, I’ll attempt to sell shoes the tai chi way and make a living the tai chi way, and see where it leads. The secular world really does have a hard time dealing with calm, peaceful awareness. They get louder and louder and more frustrated. Sometimes, out of fear and anxiousness, I do the two step dance they want to see, but more often than not, I just try to be me, not drink the kool aid, and let the chips or yarrow sticks or I Ching coins fall where they may.



  1. Glad to have you back! I’ve missed your posts. Finding the balance in our practice and the demands from the world is an ongoing challenge. But I’ve found my Tai Chi practice has improved how I deal with everyone and everything around me.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words Kathy L.

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