Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 28, 2012

Walk By Faith; The Zen Taoist Evangelical Approach to Life

I walk by faith. I walk by faith. I have to tell myself this to remind myself because all too often we lose our faith in God/The Universe/the Tao. But the bottom line is that it has revealed itself to me many times personally in my life. When all the machinations and conscious workings fail, we leave it up to the higher power and things arrange themselves and work out, they lead you in the right direction, a door closes and another one opens.

The evangelicals look at us in astonishment and quote scripture, how can you think God doesn’t care for you, how can you think the Holy Spirit is not acting in your life? The encouragement and the inspiration is the same in Taoism and Tai Chi and Zen–walk by faith. The Universe will provide. Follow the Tao.

Mike Murdoch the other night talking about the Law of Recognition–everything you need is right in front of you, you just aren’t seeing it. You need to learn how to discern and to recognize. This is the tai chi lesson–we develop awareness and consciousness in our practice and soon we are able to recognize the things we need and desire are right in front of us. Yes, we have to do the work, but the Law of synchronicity says that it is right there.

In a small example, I don’t know how many times I walked by the sign in the mall that said “Now Hiring, for info contact…” I was so absorbed in the difficulties at work, at financial issues. But then one day my eyes were opened and in a very quick, I mean very quick time, I am now working for this new company and extricated myself from an anxiety ridden situation.

Mike Murdoch says we are one instruction away from our fulfillment of who we are. We need to listen. The Christian listens to the Holy Spirit, tries to discern what He is saying. The Taoist listens in silence also, to hear the Sage, to hear the Higher Power.

Sit in silence and hear the inner voice reveal to you what you need to do. Practice Tai Chi and move in unison with the Tao, totally joined, and see how your awareness and consciousness will rise.

For the Taoist, read the I Ching, for the Christian, read the scriptures. The Holy Spirit and the Sage are with us, guiding us, embuing us with wisdom. IT’s right in front of us, if only we could see it. You are one instruction away, you are one agreement away, you are one person away.

Another pastor preached about giving birth to that thing inside of you, that talent, that passion, the gift God has given you and wants to use by working through you. What is yours. What will you give birth to?

I hear the Sound of Abundance of Rain! Pastor Paula White. I Hear the Sound of Abundance of Rain. What joy I get from going to the woods, walking in silence, practicing my tai chi, sitting in silence and learning how to listen. I want my eyes to be fully open so I can see what is standing right in front of me.


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