Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 3, 2012

By The Power of the Holy Spirit

As a Catholic and as a taoist practitioner of tai chi chuan kung fu, I have experienced two mighty forces in my life: the power of the Holy Spirit and the Power of the Sage. Both exhort us to right action and virtue, both impart seeds of wisdom and understanding. Both call us to walk in faith, to live in faith, to trust in the way of things, to trust and to love.

But today I want to give a word on the Holy Spirit, because he has touched me this week and it has been a very powerful experience. And as this is a tai chi blog, I want to say that everything I say about the Holy Spirit is consistent with my practice of tai chi and visa versa. I would also like to give a shout out to The Word Network, which appeared on my cable tv this week out of the blue, and as I lay on my couch, sick as a dog with some kind of virus, expecting to start a new job next week, I was caught up in watching one preacher after another lift me up in my faith.

The Holy Spirit is a mighty power. He has been working behind the scenes. He wants you to succeed. He wants you to be good. He wants you to prosper. The Holy Spirit is a mighty and powerful ally. He is there for you. He will fight with you, side by side. The Holy Spirit wants to dance! Why are you still sitting in the chair? What are you afraid of? Get up and live by faith! The Holy Spirit is in the car with the motor running, he’s revving the engine. He’s ready to go. What are you waiting for? What are you afraid of? Get up out of the house and get in the car! Take the leap of faith. Trust him. Don’t be fearful.

The Holy Spirit is wise and will imbue you with his wisdom. Talk with him. Work it out with him. The Holy Spirit is bad! He’s like special forces rappelling into your life. The Holy Spirit knows every kind of martial art! The Holy Spirit is your friend. He is like a mighty wind. Nothing can stand against him. The Holy Spirit will carry you. Just say yes! The Holy Spirit is creative. The Holy Spirit is spontaneous. The Holy Spirit is adaptable. The Holy Spirit is synchronicity. The Holy Spirit will bring the right people into your life. You have to open your eyes and recognize it.

Here’s the deal. Sometimes, evangelical preachers want to promise you a little too much. But both Christianity and Taoism teach us the truth. Life is not all joy, neither is it all suffering. It’s a mixture of both. And both the Sage and the Holy Spirit are there to guide us through both seasons in our lives. Sometimes it seems like the bad season has no end, but we can turn our season into a new season if we accept the friendship and the love of the Holy Spirit. It’s not like a magic wand, but you will get through what you are going through.

Now, I have to do it. I’m going to use the word “devil.” When we’re young, we hear about the devil. When we get older, we don’t believe in folk tales and use more existential philosophical terms. But in the end, the devil is a good way to describe the negative forces that attack us through our lives.

The devil is a liar! The devil wants you to think you’re no good. The devil wants you to think you aren’t smart enough, good enough, pretty enough, handsome enough, able enough. The devil wants to confuse you and sabotage you. The devil wants you to believe you aren’t doing a good job at work, that you don’t deserve a decent wage, that all that is wrong in your life is your fault. The devil wants you to believe that no one loves you, that no one wants you. The devil wants you to believe you are alone. The devil wants to drag you down and take you out. But the devil is a liar, and the Holy Spirit will help you to rebuke all of the devil’s nonsense, the anxiety, the fear, the tension, the lies. And make no mistake about this, the devil is strong, the devil is smart, but the Holy Spirit is stronger and the Holy Spirit is wiser. The devil is bad, but the Holy Spirit is BAD!

Last word. Pastor Paula White prophesied: “I hear the sound of abundance of rain. I hear the sound of abundance of rain.” She repeated it throughout her preaching. She has a good rhythm and cadence to her preaching. But she has me believing in the sound of abundance of rain. I have just extricated myself from a very poor work environment and am entering a new season. This change has been filled with the Holy Spirit every step of the way. I’ll still be selling shoes, but for a different company. I am still a bit nervous, as anyone would be. I’m taking a bit of a risk. But I am lifted up in faith, and I will live by faith and I will walk in faith and I will know in my heart that I have a might and powerful ally. I have the Holy Spirit.


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