Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 26, 2012

I’m Here to Help You Learn a Lesson

It has been a recurring theme in my life, as I engage in the contemplative life of tai chi and taoist thought, to look at the people that come in and out of my circle, and reflect on why they are there at particular times. Certain people come into our lives to help us, teach us, support us. Others come into our lives to challenge, test, and make our lives miserable so that we can learn an important life lesson from the adversity.

What I have not paid much attention to is the parallax view of this Buddhist/taoist/positive thinking way of working out one’s Karma, but a few people have thrown this at me in conversation: What if you are in their lives to help them work out a karma or learn a lesson?

Modesty kind of holds me back from thinking along these lines, and it can be colored by egotistical desires to get back at people. But, you know what, maybe it’s true. I know and accept that I have been a good family member and friend to a lot of people and it’s nice to know I have entered people’s lives, become part of THEIR circle to help, teach, support and love. And the truth is, there have been a handful of people who probably think or thought I was the biggest asshole on the planet and regretted every day of having to interact with me. Ha! So I’ll just posit this to you guys: Maybe there was a reason for me being there, to help you come to a lesson learned.


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