Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 24, 2012

If I Were John Lennon

In the midst of a long conversation about life, choices, risks that creative people take, I posed this question to my friend and to myself, If I were John Lennon(pre-famous John Lennon), wouldn’t you think I was a complete and total f’ng idiot for going to work the next day to manage a shoe store instead of devoting myself completely to my music?

In all humility, I don’t think I have the equivalent of talent in tai chi that John Lennon had in music, but I have worked very hard over these many years to become very very good at it, and I do have a passion for the practice and I love sharing and teaching it. And in the contemplative practice of tai chi chuan kung fu, we go to the “external well” of the I Ching to gain wisdom, advice, and knowledge as to when to act and when to be still, when to engage and when to disengage, being careful not to act out of the emotions of the ego and a desire to force a change out of the bad times instead of allowing it to mature and ripen on its own.

If I knew John Lennon, I would understand if he was working in a shoe store to pay the bills, but I would also encourage him to do everything he could to work on his music. What a shame it would have been if someone as talented as he gave up on his music or kept it as a nice hobby because it would have been too hard to break into the industry, or because he was so wiped out working 50 hours a week to give much attention to his creative side.

We all have to work to eat, but we need to pay attention to finding the right work that can be integrated into our whole lives, and that offers balance to the other important things in our lives.
I don’t want to be on my deathbed knowing I received fully effectives on my yearly reviews, but never wrote, The Contemplative Practice of Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu.


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