Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 24, 2012

“All In” in Your Life Game of Poker

If you were sitting in on a poker game, and the Universe went all in(Bet all its chips), would you have the hand and the guts to call and go all in too? The “chips” you have is the thing that makes you “you.” The talent you have been developing, the creative side of you, the work you do or have been perfecting, the job you want or the business you want to start, the book you want to write or the life you want to have?

Now the metaphor can get complicated, because I know some really good poker players play for the long haul and it is a game of endurance and stamina, having the wisdom and intuition to wait and wait and wait until the right moment. Going all in impetuously and rashly, without consideration and a good hand, well, it isn’t so smart.

First things first, we need to build up our “chips.” If you are an artist, paint, if you are a writer, write, if you do tai chi, practice and explore the forms. There will come a time when you have ripened and matured and developed and the universe will push in all its chips. Knowing and seeing this opportunity takes a lot of practice at developing the higher self, the inner self. If the time is right, and you still fold, you squander an amazing opportunity.

There will also be times in our lives when it is right to go all in and not fold, and we still lose the hand. But that’s a part of the game and an important part of our own development. We take the loss, gather up another stake, and play again.

The universe has been testing me, looking at me from behind its darkened sunglasses, searching my body language for some giveaway, trying to figure out what’s in my hand. The I Ching has been counseling me lately to be patient, to be still like a mountain, to say little, to allow the hand to ripen and mature, to wait. I’m itching to go all in, and maybe the universe is sensing this, it knows I’m growing impatient with a penny-ante game.

For the moment, I’m folding this hand. Deal em again. I’m building my chips. But the time is coming soon for me to call and go all in.

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