Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 1, 2012

The Sun; The Obvious

I was struck the other day by the profoundness of something we already know and I guess take for granted. As a strong proponent of Vitamin D supplementation, especially in the winter when we don’t get enough sun, I was enjoying the sunny day, and realized the deep awesomeness of the fact that–actually what lead me to it was discussing chemistry with one of my workers who is studying to become a doctor–but I was thinking of it while enjoying the sun and realized that the sun produces vitamin D in us. There is a relationship and dependence on something so many millions of miles away. And it’s not just that we rely on the sun to keep us in orbit or to warm the planet. There is an actual chemical reaction taking place by being in the sun.

After I finish this post I’ll probably google how it actually works, just as plants rely on the sun for photosynthesis, there is this amazing connection between us and a star.

It is a concept full of the mystery and numenous quality of our existence. All we can do is sit in silence and marvel. How can we understand it? Are there other interconnected experiences between us and the universe? Are there other related chemical reactions taking place that we are not aware of? Is it reciprocal in some way? We breathe in air and exhale. What are humans giving in the exhange of our existence.

Life is such a profound mystery. Awesome.


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