Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 28, 2012

Electromagnetic Fields and the Earth Connection

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, guests Gregg Braden and Howard Martin talked about the connection between the earth’s magnetic field and us, positing that not only does it affect us, but we can affect it, creating fields that are chaotic or fields that are ordered and in balance. Martin particularly focused on the heart as a center of electric activity in humans that can be focused on and used to create positive energy both to our own brains and to the world at large.

There has never been any doubt in my mind that monastics of all religions and of all ages have served to keep the world from spinning out of control. But you can imagine the force they are up against when they are in such a minority against the “heartfelt” feelings of hate, greed, lust, and so on. But now we can intuitivcely understand that the work of a yogi, of a tai chi master practitioner, of a buddhist, taoist, christian monk or nun, is not just esoteric, but palpable and real.

Tai chi often talks about the connection of earth and heaven, the link in the chain being man. So, perhaps according to Braden and Martin, it is not just metaphor. In tai chi meditation, we are doing the microcosmic orbit and macrocosmic orbit of energy in the body. In silent sitting, in performing tai chi, it is viable to believe and explore that we are actually creating and strengthening our own magnetic fields, but also contributing to the balance and strength of the earth’s field as well, which affects all of humanity.

Yogis, saints of all kinds, have been doing this work for years. I believe it has been a little lost amongst us tai chi players because what we have been given is a bit watered down and was held in secret for so many years. I’m also going to posit that the electromagnetic fields of the earth, and the actual position of the earth in the universe changes over the centuries, and there may be some deeply nuanced changes, not necessarily to correct postures, but, like adjusting the antenna on a tv set(anybody remember antenna), we might have to adjust our postures and movements slightly to transmit and receive the signals.

I know as I write this it sounds a bit out there, but there really does seem to be a truth to all of this. Yogi Sevenanda wrote about thought power, how the power of the mind has real effect. And now these guys are talking about “heart coherence” and the power of the heart. Is it so far fetched to believe there is a connection between earth, man, and sky?

So, it’s why I encourage tai chi players to explore their tai chi, be a bit spontaneous, work it so that you can feel the electromagbetic energies in and around your body. Are you connecting to the fields of energy around you?

You know, it may never happen, but someday, I think we humans will be able to do this:


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