Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 7, 2012

Spontaneous Tai Chi

For those of you who practice tai chi, I’ll ask these questions:

Are you sitting well in your posture both in back center, in zhong ding, in bow and arrow stance? Are you moving with whole body movement so that you feel everything is connected by an internal string of pearls? Are your movements rounded, circular, smooth and flowing? Do you adhere to the other tai chi principles? Are you familiar with peng, lu, ji and an, cai li, zhao, kao? Do you know where these energies apply in the form?

If you said yes, then I encourage you to practice some spontaneous tai chi while adhering to the above principles. Sit, circle right hand up the front channel palm in and circle out(have you seen the beginning moves of pakua chang? Then do it like that). Continue the circle outward down to the hip and then shoot palm out and go into bow and arrow stance. What is your other hand doing? Is it complementing, acting like a rudder? Raise the knee and kick. Trace the tai chi symbol with your hands and arms(using the entire body. Turn the waist. The waist is the wheel. And let yourself go. Enjoy it and let it happen. What standard moves do you gravitate to? Brush knee twist step, high pat the horse, grasp bird’s tail, repulse monkey?
Imagine you are sparring with someone in slow motion. Visualize it.


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