Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | January 13, 2012

Wanderers in the Unknown

The I Ching counsels us that we are all wanderers in a vast and unknown universe…and should act accordingly–careful, reticent, gentle, not trying to get into conflicts. In and out. It’s the way we are told to live our lives, gentle, forgiving, diplomatic.

It’s the best I can come up with too. It’s so vast and it’s unknown territory. People think they know the lay of the land, whether it’s in business, religion, philosophy. They buy into a matrix and live their lives acoordingly. Most of the time it kinda works out and there are enough fallbacks in any philosophy or way of life to explain the anomolies. But you know what, I like thinking that we are pilgrims on an unknown journey in an unknown land. And I like the rules involved. Sure, I’d like to know the ultimate answers, and I impose my own matrix on the world I’m in, a philosophical, taoist, tai chi matrix that tells me to learn, develop, grow, develop awareness, work on the spiritual, and on and on. Is my matrix any different from the many matrixes out there? It’s different, but does it really explain the context of our existence?

Going on pilgrimage and/or doing a little wandering has long been a part of many traditional religions. I think it’s a valuable thing to do at some point in a person’s life. I haven’t done it yet. One of my favorite characters is David Carradine in the series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. He wanders around, settling in here in there, following the tao, present wherever he is.

Tai Chi and Taoism attempt to give us a worldview. Out of the void come the two things, yin and yang. They revolve around each other. Out of the two things come the three things and then the 64 things an then the ten thousand things. The Tao de Ching describes the way things work, coming and going, folding and unfolding, expansion and contraction.

So, I will tread lightly, try not to insult people I meet along the way, enjoy the people and circumstances I meet along the way, and keep to the perspective that I’m a wanderer.


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