Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | January 9, 2012

The Way Things Work

Chaos and order. Which is it? The earth revolves around the sun, it’s ben doing it for billions of years and will for billions more. The seasons change. Winter spring summer fall. There is an apparent order to the universe. But within it there can be chaos. Hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, natural disasters of all kinds.

One of the home made qi gongs I practice is to wash dishes in my tai chi stance using circular hand movements to do the washing. I will fill a pot with water and begin swirling it, using my dan tien, so my waste i circling as well. I notice that I can generate a smooth swirling motion of the water in the pot for a while, but then for no apparent reason(maybe it’s because of some subtle change in my own motion, I don’t know) the water will loose it’s direction and begin splashing chaotically in the pot.

Chaos and order, patterns, are often the result of our own perspective. If you drop a cup of water on the floor, in the few seconds it takes, the pattern of the splash will seem disordered and chaotic. If you prolonged the splash for 2 billion years, you will percieve an orderly and consistent rise and fall motion of the water.

The way of things is change. We must learn to adapt. We must recognize the synchronicity of things, which is a very subtle concept often misunderstood. Bottom line, everything that is happening at the same time is happening at the same time. Are they related, connected? That’s kind of up to you! Why are the people in your life in your life. Why are you where you are at the moment?

With honest and pure reflection and discernment, we can give meaning to synchronous events, give meanng to people in our lives. WE develop an awareness so that we can actually see what is happening. I’m sitting here typing and a girl in a red coat has just walked in. Is this meaningful for me? That is up to me. I can choose to ignore her or I can see the message in it. (I’ll add here that I kind of do also believe that the “universe” does send people and events into our lives in a sort of grand scheme of things. I do believe that maybe it’s not just me making up meaning to meaningless things. But this I see is often overused and over believed in. Things happen. It’s what we do with it that makes meaning).

(A woman has just walked into starbucks with a cat in a carrier and has sat next to me with another group of people. I really don’t like cats! Sorry cat people, but she has just blown my train of thought! Should I allow this meaningless event to pull me off center, or should I learn the lesson in the adversity!

Anyway, develop awareness, look around you, reflect, adapt to change, go with the flow, follow the seasons, don’t try to force things to happen, they will happen on their own. This is zen. This is taoism. Allow. This is your true power!


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