Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | December 7, 2011

Gary Null

I just wanted to give a heads up I’ve added a link to the right to Dr. Gary Null’s official website. I haven’t explored it fully myself yet as there is a lot of information there, but I’ve been listening to him on wbai radio lately and it’s refreshing to hear a different view from the normal media on the important issues facing us.

I’ve listened to Gary Null since the 70’s when he had his own TV show. A lot of what he says has efficacy. As with anything, I recommend we take in all information with a critical eye, but be open to the things a person like Gary Null is trying to get across to us.

Apparently Null has produced a number of documentaries exposing the truths of things on Aids/Hiv, Big Pharma, Gulf War Syndrome, Death By Medicine, and he has been very involved in the Occupy Wall Street and weighing in on the actions of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Where does the truth lie?(Is that a double entendre?)



  1. Great post Mike – I’ve listened to Gary Null since the 80’s and he has always been at the forefront of nutrition/healing/spirit.

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