Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | November 7, 2011

The Law of Sowing Seeds/ The Law of Harvest

There is a universal law that if we sow seeds, it is likely we will reap a harvest. This law may get co-opted by people trying to get you to send them money so that you will magicall reap a harvest. The disclaimer is somewhere! The reason it’s easy for these guys to get you is that pretty much everything they are sdaying up to the very end is true, then they try to get you to “sow the seed” with them. So here’s what I think.

We have many seeds and many “crops” we can sow, perhaps the most important have nothing to do with money, but with our personal growth and development, our spiritual attainment, and our positive influence and interraction with those around us and the world. Money is a seed too, and if used wisely, can reap a powerful harvest. And it’s not necessarily wrong to sow a seed with a ministry or a house of faith, just do your research and have some confidence that the harvest is something you beieve in and want to grow(a pastor’s dior wardrobe or swimming pool might not be what you want to invrest in, but a ministry that works with the poor or uplifts humanity might be a good choice to tithe to).

Education is a seed. Learning is a seed. Reading is a seed. New friendships are seeds. Our family is a seed. All of these things have the potential for growth and providing a great harvest, if we plant the seed and nurture it. A smile is an amazing seed. Work is a seed. We work honestly, diligently, with integrity, and we will reap a good harvest.

If you keep your seeds in your pocket, they will never grow and you will never reap a harvest. Some seeds will not sprout, some will not bear fruit, some will die. Farmers know there are times when nothing happens. But that should not stop us from sowing seeds; it should encourage us to sow all the more.

If you sow love and compassion and forgiveness and equanimity and integrity and honesty and innocence and gentleness, you will reap these things. If you sow hatred, cruelty, anger, extremism, well, you know you will reap these things also.

Sow the seeds of positive attitude, right attitude, right action.

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