Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 4, 2011

One Move Chi Kung(Qi Gong) For Health and Wellness

I’ve been wanting to share this one move chi kung I’ve developed for awhile. It has been very fruitful for me. It seems to balance the entire enrgy flow in the body and build up the wei chi, or protectivre aura surrounding our bodies, which is always important this time of year.


  1. Dear Mike,

    I ‘accidentally’ came across your site while googling on Thomas Merton and Qigong.

    I am 55 years, artist, HSP, on sick pension due to chronic pain and Catholic after a long long journey of searching. Like you I have been reading a lot of Merton and many other Chrisrtian and other mystics. His ‘Inner experience’ is fabulous! 1996.

    I am struggle with awful chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and chest (closed heart chakra) and breathing disorders since 1996, shortly after my drunken father (without bad intentions) cursed me verbally. So I guess that out of my extremely high sensitivity I have had many trauma’s in my life. Life in this hectic society is not easy for me!
    It feels like I am always stepping on the gas, perfectionistic, unsafe, uncertain…. I am quite intelligent and have read lots of books on spirituality, psychology and so forth… but the ratio can of course not solve my problems

    Yesterday I was fascinated by a youtube with Mantak Chia, the great Tao master on the microcosmic orbit: . Last week I met someone who practices shiatsu, karate, kiko (Japanese form of Qigong, his master is Kenji Tokitsu and I came also in contact with TRE:

    I have started practicing some exercises, aw your ‘one exercise’ on youtube.

    So, as a Christian I only since some years learn about esoteric Christianity, energy medicine and body work and so forth. It strikes me that many of these important things are not being taught (anymore) by the Church today!

    But what I am looking for above all after all my reading work and confusion is SIMPLICITY! And these spiritual and therapeutic approaches are mostly complex matters!
    Another aspect is that most of the mystics didn’t do exercises of any kind but trusted the Lord and surrendered to the here and now (de Caussade…).

    When you read about the difficult taoïst exercises, I get discouraged, while I think that GOD, LIFE is simple and WE are complicated…

    PLEASE PLEASE give me any advice….
    Is it your experience that Qigong may in the long run solve my deep anxiety and trauma?

    Warm regards,
    Fred Delameilleure

    • Fred, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply to what you wrote. To supplement your health, breathing is number one and easy to do. Relax the tummy, allow the diaphragm to work, and breathe in and out through the nose. This breathing, slow and relaxed is like first aid.

      For the neck, explore the McKenzie method. It fixed my lower back herniated disk in a matter of weeks and the system has exercises for the neck that may work for you.

      In silent meditation, you may get intuitive ideas on how to heal yourself. Spend time, not so much ruminating on the various illnesses, but being open to suggestions from the universe.

      I understand the conundrum of the catholic faith in which we embrace suffering and offer it to God in unity with Christ’s suffering. In taoism, there is nothing wrong with being healthy, and I’m sure the same is true with catholicism. I mean, catholics don.t intentionally make themselves sick!

      Last piece of advice, in keeping the exercises simple, make circles. Do them slowly. And balanced. If you trace ten circles with your right hand, trace ten circles with the left. If you circle out ten times, circle in ten times. The body will mimic the balancing nature of these outer movements.

      I wish you well.


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