Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | September 13, 2011

Alternative Treatments for Cancer

Listening to Coast to Coast Am(I’ve puta new link to the right for you to visit the homepage) I have heard several shows with people espousing takig control of your own health, which I fully believe in, so I just wanted to mention three of the people, for those who are dealing with cancer personally or with a friend or family member. I realize that is a very difficult disease, and that’s one of the reasons we just put urselves in the hands of the established medical community; we become overwhelmed by the task at hand. But I believe it is the very time we should do the research and take control of our own health.

There should be links to these three guests of the show on the Cast to Coast website. I have not as of yet read these people’s books so I reserve judgment. But from what I’ve heard on the radio, I believe they are worth checking out.

They are Ty Bollinger, David Calhoun, and Dr. Leonard Coldwell.


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