Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 29, 2011

The Taoist View of Hurricane Irene

So, the eastern seaboard was battered by Hurricane Irene this weekend, wreaking havoc up and down the coast. We are fortunate in that it was not worse. We survived it well, although there are still many thousands of people without power and dealing with severe flooding. Many people are going through minor inconveniences, others have lost their life belongings.

The buzz words leading up to it were safety first and preparation. There was the usual panic buying. I chuckled when I read that porn shops in New York reported a brisk business leading up to the storm.

The awsome power of nature never fails to amaze us. The taoist watches as it plays itself out. Proper preparations are prudent, but one cannot fool oneself in thinking they can withstand the forces of nature and change. To a point yes, but in the end, you got to let go and accept that it might just be beyond you. Those who evacuated dangerous areas were smart. A taoist does not take unnecessary risks. He/she might be inclined to ride it out, to rely on a sort of taoist rugged individualism, but does not act out of the ego to “protect” belongings or prove one’s abilities.

A taoist puts out sanfbags, but does not pull his hair out in frustration if the water rises over the top. A taoist has feelings and emotions too, but he/she accepts and moves on, unattached one way or the other.


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