Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 29, 2011

Tai Chi Energy Outlets

In fleshing out some ideas with a friend, I asked, so do your think every single human being is endowed with the spark of the divine? And we confirmed that that was our belief. As many billions of human beings there are in the world, every single one is important, is worthy, is endowed with the divine, the sacred, the holy, and has the ability to cultivate and grow personally and spiritually. I had passingly wondered in my car, could their be enough chi to fill every single human being? And then I realized that the life force is immnse, way beyond the immensity of the number of human beings, plants, trees, animals, fish, mountains, oceans and all things. The entire universe is alive and ringing with the universal life force, vibrant and full. As humans, a lot happens to dampen it, make us unaware of it, to diminish it. Bit it is at our disposal, every single one of us.

The image of an electrical outlet came to mind when I was thinking of the idea of tapping into the tao. I imagined myself going deeper and deeper until I came upon a golden flowing river deep in the earth, that was the tao, and it was so powerful, so electrified, that I felt if I just dipped into it I would be fried, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Like electricity, we need transformers to control and tame the force so that we can make use of it through the outlets in our homes to power our tvs and radios and appliances.

There is an immense, awesome force available to us, but we cannot just grab hold of the wires. There needs to be some kind of transformer that allows us to use it. We in turn become the outlets, every single human being is an outlet, filled with life force, an outlet that can be tapped into, or plugged into by others.

In this analogy, I have not quite come up with the answer for what acts as the transformer, except that the practices of qi gong, tai chi, yoga, and seated meditation are in a way, the transformers that allow us to tap into this vast source.


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