Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 11, 2011

Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Health

It’s easy for us to give up when we don’t feel well and put ourselves in the hands of the medical establishment. I’m not wholly against western doctors and medicine. If you find a good doctor, it’s worth a lot. But there is also a lot about methods of treatment that are coopted. We are called to take personal responsibility for our health and wellness. Part of that includes doing the research before hand and doing things that are preventative.

Putting yourself on a healthy diet, eating the right foods, looking into the ingrdients in the things you do eat, creating a tailored supplemental protocol for yourself, are all things that can put you on the right track. Practices such as qi gong and yoga can be amazing. I know I have used several yoga mudras and some yoga movesa to address issues I’ve had(The McKenzie method which I used to fix my herniated disc is basically three yoga moves).

Meditation practices help make you aware of your body physically. Tai chi in particular really helps you to get to know your body to the point that you can almost really understand what’s going on inside. A good knowledge of the anatomy and the systems of the body helps too.

Taking responsibility for your health is an important part of the tai chi life. The information is out there. You just have to look for it. I haven’t read Ty Bollinger’s book on cancer or David Calhoun’s work on nutrition, but I heard about both on a radio show called Coast to Coast AM.


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