Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | August 1, 2011

The Spiritual Journey

There are many paths up Mount Fuji, but they all lead to the same mountain top. This is from Master Yushiba Morehei, the founder of aikido.

Why are those of us who are on the journey, on the journey. So many people live their lives, operate within the secular matrix, and don’t give a thought to learning aikido, doing rounds of tai chi, sitting in yogic or taoist meditation, ponder the deep questions, go to church.

For those of us on the path, it is a journey of understanding, wareness, and recognition. A recognition that there is a divine source and nature to our lives and the world we live in. A recognition of the spark of the divine in others, in all things. The life force is in us, chi, prana, and we become aware that we are reflections, images, manifestations of something very holy and sacred.

The contemplative sits in reflection of what is actually an awesome wonder. The contemplative sits in silence to listen, to be attuned, to be in sync with what is. The contemplative lives his or her life as a witness to the truth of our existence.

We are called in this life to perfect ourselves, to become fully what we are capable of becoming as human beings. This life is an education, an opportunity for learning, spiritual growth, personal development. If we do not work on our spirit, on our inner self, we will get nowhere. And sadly, there are so many people throughout history who have paid no attention to self growth and understanding and they have and are getting nowhere.

This existence is one dimension of our reality. It goes far beyond this. Our souls/spirits, essence, graduates from this to the next and to the next, always purifying and developing like steel in the fire.

There is a buddhist writer who describes 9 dimensions of existence. I’m sorry I can’t remember his name and I’ve leant the book out. But every succeeding dimension is more amazing than the next, and in the last, we are one with the buddha, and take that in a very deep mystical way.

To start climbing the ladder, sit in silence. Clear the mind. breath in and breath out. Focus on a positive object or subject. The dan tien is always good for taoist meditation. Create visualizations for yourself. I attended a very nice introductory yoga meditation class last night. The sounds of the bowls, the visualization of the inner temple, the atmosphere, were all so excellent. We were to leave our burdens at the gate of the inner temple before going in. I was so reluctant to lay them down, even with the promise that we could have them back when we left if we wanted! Isn’t it amazing that even in the safety and security of our own inner world, we are still reluctant to let go of our burdens!

Anyway, a clap of the hands says, Wake Up! It is time to begin the journey, it is time to continue the journey. Sit into your posture and rotate your arm up, palm up, offering to the universe a hand of acceptance and willingness.

There is joy and happiness and friendship and love and compassion waiting for you.


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