Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 27, 2011

Tai Chi Awareness and Self Responsibility

I always remember what my sifu, Master Leungh Shum, wrote in a book of his–he believed in himself. It is an assertion of taking responsibility for oneself and one’s actions and doing what needs to be done. The gods of many religions may be around, but we have to take responsibility for our selves, for our spiritual development, for our health and wellness, for our problems.

I was just discussing with some friends my back issues. I explained how tai chi and meditation are not really magical things that offer healing. Tai chi and qi gong and meditation do have an impact, a large one on our wellness and health. But what it also does is create a focused mind and an awareness. I tried fixing my back on my own for two years without success because I was closed minded to the western medical community. But when i opened my mind and accepted at the very least a western diagnosis, I got the MRI and found out what the actual physical problem was(no doubt also there were/are emotional and spiritual connections as well). With that information, I was then able to accept or reject the western cure, which pretty much was powerful painkillers. I rejected them and was open minded enough to find the Mckenzie Method, a simple set of exercises that has done wonders for me. I am practicing tai chi again, and am entering the 2nd phase of the exercise which is to re stretch the ligaments and tissues in my back without re injuring them.

The tai chi protocol creates awareness, balance, both physically and in life, awareness, and intuitive wisdom. We will make decisions from the heart bec ause we have done the “prep” work. We will still make mistakes, but we will understand that mistakes are part of the process and almost essential to making any headway. And when things do not resolve themselves, we have to be clear enough to look for the reason why, what is the lesson we haven’t learned yet, what is the thing that is blocking us. Tai chi offers the awareness and mindfulness to get you where you want to go.

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