Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 13, 2011

Tai Chi Concepts

When we begin the tai chi form, we sit into our stance, and it is as if a big power pack is being plugged in to our lower back, or ming men. We are centered in the dan tien and move from there, and then, the magic happens. We begin to flow with the tao. We feel connected and in tune. Every wave of the arm, generated by the dan tien, is a wave of the universe. Tai chi movements store energy in the dan tien, our energy center, as does chi kung, and when we are full, and the chi is circulating, we can fa jin, or send out that energy with explosive power. I don’t personally like some chen stylists who practice issuing power over and over and over, it seems like I would give myself whiplash–this is not a criticism of chen style, and any comments on fa jin are always welcome–maybe I just haven’t stored up enough energy to issue over and over and over again.

Tai chi is also about thought and mind intent. Focusing the mind and our thoughts. Thoughts–Swami Sivananda-thoughts are things, thoughts travel. They are real. They are having an effect. Every yogi who exclaims, om shanti shanti is giving something to the world. Every tai chi player who is balanced and moving in harmony is balancing and harmonizing the world.

Tai chi is about listening, that intent, vigilant, peaceful, contemplative listening. It gets drowned out in the day to day tug and pull. Too much of humanity is disconnected, is oblivious, and is doing nothing to develop themselves spiritually. There’s also a lot of negative energy and thought sent out into the world. The monks and nuns around the world, with their daily discipline of offering positive thought and prayer keep the earth from spinning out of control.

Tai chi done in groups is powerful, a multiplication of energy, of harmony and balance. A couunterweight to the negative. Like a group prayer.

Tai chi should look like the freedom of a skateboarder or ocean surfer who look like they are defying gravity and riding an invisible wave.

Tai chi is being open to the possibilities, of being aware of the synchronicity of life, of connecting and following, of adhering and sticking. Tai chi is research and exploration, of intuitively beginning to understand the nature of things and how they work. All the amazing things we know and don’t know about physics, the universe, of electricity, of energy, of the earth.

So much we haven’t grasped, but know to be important–vibrations and waves. Frequencies. Wave frequencies that heal, that propigate love and harmony. Om is the vibration of the universe. Are we vibrating at the right frequency. Nicola Tessla and his undestanding of energy. How much is myth and how much is lost truth? We are billions of cells held together by electromagnetic power, we are just waves in form(I’m maybe not stating these ideas correctly but generally true). Matter is energy. We are a conglomeration of waves and frequencies.

Chaos and patterns. Patterns emerge out of chaos. So much we grew up thinking was true isn’t. We’re still far behind in understanding. Are we coming full circle. The internet is a microcosm with lessons to be learned. The connectedness. The creativity. The spontaneity. Avatars! Are our physical bodies avatars for our souls?

So, just some thoughts. I’m grateful because a former student has reconnected and is relearning wu style. We are meeting in a parking lot; another student I’ve kept up with joins in, so it is an opportunity for me to share and explore with others, do some push hands.

I’ve had the great fortune also to be able to go up to the mountains on my days off and hike and do some tai chi. So…


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