Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 24, 2011

Awesome Wonder

One of the reasons the hymn, How Great Thou Art, which I posted a few posts ago, spoke to me, was because of the line, “when I, in awesome wonder, consider all…” Of course, in the hymn, it is in the terms of a Christian belief in God and Christ, but for me, I would say that my spiritual path began because of awesome wonder, at nature, at the incomprehensibility of the universe, of being awed. I think it’s innate in us to be awed and to look upon things that happen with wonderous eyes. Kids know how to do it naturally. Adults have to work to regain it. But even the microcosm of being awed by small things like animals in a zoo, or a magician, or some cool dance moves, or some unbelievable musicianship, to things like the power and wonder of nature, to the beauty of a sunset, to the frightful awe of a tornado ripping a town in half, humans have this innate quality of being able to be awed and to look upon these things with wonder, and to mull them over and contemplate them and meditate on them, and consider, where does it come from, what is the source of all this amazing stuff before our eyes. We tend to simplify it and attribute it to a God, but we really don’t know. We go on anecdotal experiences, feelings, and faith.

There are other emotions or qualities that speak to what it means to be human, that is, there is something human that we are called to “humble adoration,” “to trust,” to believe, to call out, to seek. We tend to be drawn to spiritual practices that meet these innate needs as humans, christianity, religion, taoism, buddhism, and on and on. It’s ok. It’s who we are.

In the meantime, I will sit in awesome wonder at all that has been made, including me.



  1. If you know me you would know im in wonder of even a seed sprouting! Impossible for me to not believe a higher power has created this wonderful world!

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