Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 2, 2011

Harold Camping; End of the World on May 21st, 2011

So, some of you may have heard about Harold Camping and Family Radio, a Christian radio station dedicated to the reading of scriptures, and his assertion, after analysing the bible for 50 years or so, that May 21st, 2011 is Judgement Day and Jesus Christ is returning. Of course, he has worked it out that it will begin in New Zealand and work it’s way around the globe as the earth rotates aroun the sun.

I don’t want to argue the idea one way or the other, and I have had great fun with it at work(Jesus Christ is returning…three pairs of sandals he bought on the web) and it has inspired me to continue my own spiritual development regardless. Honestly, as I relegate my faith and understanding of our mystical existence to not knowing, not espousing one thought or the other, I am still called from an interior intuitiveness, to ask for God’s mercy. A while ago, I posted a Catholic segment called the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It is a special prayer that holds a deep experience. Again, I don’t want to express this truth in a literal explanation of things–that always ruins it. But, to take a moment, whether as a believer in God or Christ, or zen or taoism or whatever, and cry from the depths of our soul, Lord God have mercy on me a sinner, speaks to something that is very human and very important to our development as human beings. Lord God Have Mercy on my soul. Have Mercy. Something deep inside us, wired into us, calls us to plaintively cry out.

And my approach to it is to be zen and taoist and tai chi about it. It is totally irrelevant if May 21 happens or not. I live my life as if it is tomorrow, next day, next year, a hundred years from now. The tai chi way is a way of constant work of spiritual growth and development. What makes us fully human is our consciousness and our awareness. We gain consciousness and awareness through spiritual practice and correct action. So so many people are walking through life unaware and unconscious. THis is sad. All people have the spark of life in them, the spark of the divine. It is our calling as people to develop that spark.

HUman beings are called to recognize the holiness, sacredness, and purity of themselves and their existence. So as I have visions of Holy Helicopters coming to rapture us, dropping rope ladders weaved from angels hair, I can say having borrowed a friend’s I Phone for a few minutes because she had the magic eight ball downloaded on it, I asked the magic eight ball whether I would be saved or not, and the eight ball said, “My reply is yes.”



  1. Mike if world ends on 21st ill meet you on the way up! ill be the one dancing:)

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