Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 16, 2011

Feeding On Desire

Sometimes we get disappointed because an obstacle gets thrown in our way and we can really get down about it. But the I Ching encourages us to withdraw into quietness and allow the Sage to moderate and come up with the solution. My I Ching reading today clued me in that there is a correction underway and I just need to persevere in a moderate and balanced fashion.

I’m going to put the rest in quotes:

“Give proper nourishment to yourself and others. Those who cultivate superior qualities in themselves and others are superior people…Do not feed the mind on desire…hold yourself free from desire…When we forego our equanimity and begin to desire something or someone, a host of inferior influences come into play. We become ambitious about obtaining the object of our desire. We become fearful we will not. If we do achieve it, our ego is gratified and strenghtened and soon issues another demand for us to meet.”

The advice is threefold:
1. Do not feed the mind on desire.
2. Meditate to clear the waste out of our minds and hearts.
3. Observe tranquility in speech, thought, and actions.


  1. Your post leads me to a couple of things. The first has to do with obstacles.

    Self discipline is remembering what you want. Adversity helps us distinguish between what we think we want and what we really want.

    The second is a quote regarding the I Ching I read recently at “A Plainly Hidden View”, at a post called Preparing the Soil. Rather than copy and paste the whole thing, here’s the link to the specific article:

    • Thanks for making me aware of aplainlyhiddenview. It’s a cool site. And your right. There have been so many times throughout my journey that I suddenly remember what I want, what I’m trying to do as if it was a long forgotten memory!

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