Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 7, 2011

Latest Herniated Disc Update

I have been doing very well with the McKenzie Method physical therapy and would say I am about 99% of the way there. I have had quite a few pain free days with just a twinge or hitch here and there. I believe because I haven’t been able to do the exercises every two hours because of work, it’s been a little slower for me, but if anyone is suffering with a herniated disc I encourage you to look into this.

I should be ready to move into the next phase of the exercises of flexion to restretch the tissues and muscles in my back. I am itching to get back into the tai chi, and have been cheating a bit and doing sequences–they are so wonderful, but I make sure I do the McKenzie extension exercises right after.

I wish I could say Tai Chi alone healed my back, but the truth is I had to go outside the box, except I will say that even the McKenzie Method or any other method one uses to heal oneself is always within the “tai Chi philosophy framework.”


  1. Im happy 4 you:)

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