Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 7, 2011

Allowing the Fruit to Ripen

In the secular context, we are always in a rush to make things happen, to take action to resolve issues and problems, to demonstate ledership and skill and power and control. But so often, what we are really doing, spuured on by the demands of the context we are living in, is picking the fruit prematurely. What we end up with is a whole lot of fruit that isn’t ripe, doesn’t taste that great, and needs a whole lot of tweaking and manipulation to be edible.

What tai chi helps us learn is when to know that the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked.Knowing how long to leave it alone and let it ripen on the tree. So many situations in our lives would resolve themselves if we knew how to leave it alone instead of trying to force it to a conclusion.

The other side of this is leaving the fruit on the tree so long that it rots or falls to the dirt, past its prime. There does come a time to act, it’s developing the wisdom to know when that’s the issue. How do you do it? Amazingly, just doing tai chi, or yoga, or meditation opens your mind to knowing when.

So, allow the fruit to ripen, but pick it and eat it when it is. And don’t forget to share.



  1. My best friend fal always said its nice you share Maggs!

  2. Im very patient. For i know the right fruit will show up at the right time:)

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