Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 20, 2011

Herniated Disc Update

So, 4 weeks into the McKenzie Method of physical therapy and I’m doing very well. I am not 100% pain free but very close and I have gone long periods throughout the day without pain. I have another appointment this week with a McKenzie certified physical therapist and we might be ready to transition to the flexion exercises(Bending forward), although, one issue is that while the extension exercises should be done about every 2 hours, I’m not able to do them at work, only the modified standing extension backwards, so I may have a bit of a delay in my progress.

I did visit the neurosurgeon just for information. His role was clear: decide whether he thought I needed surgery or not. He thought I did not, and had no opinion on anything else. At least his opinion is documented somewhere.

I am reminded of Bruce Lee’s life, when he hurt his back and was told his martial arts career was over. We all know how that ended. I am looking forward to a Bruce Lee comeback with the tai chi, but of course no where near being in the same league as a Bruce Lee. But that sort of optimism and positive thinkng is right up my alley.

This challenge, this test, you know, I’ve sort of been twisting in the wind with it. I have not fully approached it in the tai chi/taoist way. It’s amazing how we forget our lessons when we have to use it for real. The same is true for someone who has practiced tai chi all their life and then gets a punch thrown at them for the first time. Ward off, yield, press, and push go right out the window! The same for life experiences like back pain and herniated discs and not being able to do the thing you love. It all goes out the window. But then you remember and you start to apply the principles of right action, and then, maybe this lesson will be learned too.



  1. Herniated disc, rupture or slipped disc commonly occurs in the lumbar spine of our backbone. The backbone is one of the most complex structure in our body. It is made up of a number of spinal discs that act as cushions and separate each set of bones in the back. They act as shock-absorbers and hence protects the bones from any kind of shock, and thus helps in avoiding quite a bit of pain. Each disc comprises two parts: a strong outer covering known as the annulus and a soft jelly center known as the nucleus. When a person is having a bulging disc, the outer covering tears and the jelly begins to flow out of the center into the region where the disc is weakest.-

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  2. I could heal you!

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