Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | December 6, 2010

Criminal Minds

I don’t watch much Tv, but I have become addicted to a show called Criminal Minds; I catch all the reruns I never saw, and ION television will broadcast 3 to 4 episodes in a row.

The gist of it is, an FBI team of Behavioral Analysts go around the country solving some really heinous crimes, mostly serial murders and child abductions and abuse. They profile the suspect using their knowledge and experience and expertise to get an idea of who they are looking for. They also study the victimology: what are the connections to the victims, why is the criminal choosing these particular people. The show can be quite graphic, and it is a bit disturbing to the psyche, so much so that I’ve been thinking of cutting it out because it can be traumatizing. But I like the psychological aspect of it and the unique way the team works together to get an understanding of the “unsub”(unknown subject), in order to get ahead of the next move.

It is also disturbing to see the inner workings of a “criminal” mind. I put the word criminal in quotes because what bears out most often in the show is that the person has been subjected to a wide variety of influences to his or her behavior, and then the team flushes out the “stresser,” or thing that pushes the unsub to act out or change the m.o.

So here’s a disturbing game I’ve played: if you were going to get so stressed that you became a serial killer, what kind of serial killer would you be? Man, so, don’t even think about it. It’s too sick. Thank God there are good guys like special agent Aaon Hotchner and the team to hunt the bad guys.


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