Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 5, 2010

Tai Chi Energy Work

In tai chi, we go with the working assumption that there is an energy field in our lower bellies called the dan tien. It is here that “jing” is transformed into “chi.” Jing is the raw stuff, the good stuff, food, saliva, hormones, air, water. Through tai chi practice, which includes seated meditation, chi kung, and tai chi forms, we can transform these raw materials into chi, or energy, or life force. When the dan tien is healthy and full, the chi naturall circulates to all parts of the body. In tai chi, as in acupuncture, the working assumption is that illness is the result of a blockage of chi.

In time, the practice ofd tai chi further transforms chi into something called ‘shen’ or spiritual energy. Currently reading the Autobiography of a Yogi, and I believe the work in tai chi is somewhat similar to the work in spiritual yoga. When we progress, we develop this shen energy, akin to divine union with the source, a recognition and awareness of the Truth of our existence and who we are.

In serious yoga, which I have not really practiced or have knowledge of, the practice is centered on opening the several chakras located along the spine–how to do this is learned from a serious teacher. In tai chi, the discipline involved is just as serious, but perhaps a little bit less complicated. But the end is probably the same. So get to it.

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