Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 5, 2010

Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

When I was in the third grade, I had a crush on my teacher. In a Catholic school where most of the teachers were nuns in black habits, she was a young, single, beautiful ray of sunshine. She embodied all that was hopeful and joyful and fun and innocent.

I now have another crush, this time on a nun I saw on EWTN, the Catholic channel. It’s a spiritual crush. She too is young, beautiful, innocent, and in lov e with Christ. She is a breath of fresh air, as are all the nuns of the Sisters of Mary.

Their story is exceptional. It is a rejuvenated order of Dominican Nuns, whose life is contemplative and apostolic; many of them teach. But first and foremost, it is grounded in the contemplative adoration of the eucharist, of the mystery of Christ among us. The average age of the nuns in this convent is 24 I think.

They are a wonderful witness to young people and to all of us, that there is another way to live, that the secular program is a bit empty, that true joy and love and fulfillment can be found on the spiritual path.

They are remarkable for the joy they exude. I’m sure each has their own difficulties and hard moments, but they are a bright light in a dark world.

My crush is one of spiritual kinship and love. It is the same feeling we have with anyone who is also on the spiritual path. Great love for others who are on the same journey wells up in us. There is a bond and a kinship.

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