Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | October 2, 2010

1984 is here. Big Brother is Watching

Our big fear after reading 1984 was that big brother would be watching our every move. Well, that is pretty much the case. Video cameras are everywhere to protect us. Almosgt every retail store has cameras to watch not only possible shoplifters but to keep a constant eye on its employees. And people are still shocked when they find out that just about everything they do on a computer or cell phone can be eavesdropped.

But we’ve gone a step further. We’ve put this technology in the hands of everyone, so now it’s not just big brother watching, it’s everyone, including your college roomate who is surreptitiously video taping you having sex. There’s a kiosk in the mall that sells “gadgets,” video taping equipment disguised as pens and car keys and on and on. You may not even be able to go to the bathroom without a hidden camera in the toilet paper.

So, kiss your privacy good bye and try not to get caught on camera doing anything stupid.


  1. Big Brother is not really the Government.They need to know which human is doing harm to others is good reason for the cameras on every
    corner and lamppost.For a moment imagine the state we would have without cameras to pick-up images of the bank robber,the grocery store robber.2010 and on we will have catch the bad guys with technology..

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