Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 19, 2010

Authentic Women of Grace

There’s a program on EWTN called Women of Grace, and while I don’t usually watch it, the other night it offered food for thought about being a woman of grace, and developing a sense of authentic womanhood. The church has some good ideas, but it always gets coopted or skewed and then it becomes a set of rules to follow. I think women have become especially susceptible to the control and manipulation of the matrix we live in, and it’s easy to lose sight of one’s true self. My bottomline thought on the subject is that it boils down to an authentic self, male or female, it’s not that different.

Christlike principles, taoist principles, are the principles to follow to discover and nurture grace and authenticity. The ego driven motivations and actions of pride, control, resistance, desire are what bring us all down. It’s difficult for a man or a woman, when living in the world, trying to negotiate the ups and downs of life, to catch as glimpse of the authentic, but it serves us well to carve out the time to explore it, to live according to the higher truths, and to encorporate these ways in our entire lives, even when it seems to go against the grain, or seem not to work “in the world.”

You know, when you play monopoly, you have to roll the dice, you have to move your token, you have to land on spaces, and you have to be merciless in building up your houses and hotels, hoping you can eventually bankrupt the other guy when he lands on you! Life isn’t much different. We try to couch what we are doing with a smile on our face or with moments of charity and seeming care and concern for the other guys. But in the end, how many of us are willing to toss the rules, and maybe not go this turn, maybe pass up passing go and collecting 200 bucks, maybe not charging rent this turn, maybe not even trying to build a monopoly at all, maybe building a cooperative on Boardwalk and Park Place so that everybody wins…but that’s not how the game is played! someone will complain. It’s hard to not play by the rules because that’s how monopoly is played, or any other game, even the game of life. A select few step outside of the nonsense and say no and will not play by the rules. How do they survive? Maybe by the largesse of the guy who does own the hotels on Boardwalk, maybe by just not getting wrapped up in it, but that person still has to eat and wear clothes and shelter himself.

Maybe somebody like me should create the Taoist board game, where wu wei is the goal!

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