Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | July 14, 2010

Family Guy and South Park and Mother Angelica

My late night viewing habits have changed a bit. I had been watching a lot of EWTN, the Catholic Network, mostly because everything else on basic cable sucks and it is refreshing to hear truth, which, for the most part, Catholic TV offers, along with being intelligent and informative(I know there are some aspects of catholicism and the station that defy intelligence, but be that as it may…). But lately, I haven’t had the patience for it, and I have been relaxing with cartoons like Family Guy and Southpark, mostly because these shows hit the nail on the head with their irreverence and scathing comedy. I like irreverence. It’s a taoist quality, to not take things so seriously and to blow up people’s bubbles of bull. And, the shows are just outright funny. I don’t buy into all of their stuff either, but that’s ok too.

In a world of exploitation and manipulation and control, it’s refreshing for a few hours to be able to say, I’m onto you, I got it, You’re not pulling the wool over my eyes, and fuck this.



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