Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 29, 2010

Leadership; Esprit de Corps

A key role of any leader is building up the esprit de corps or morale of his people. This loyalty and love that is built up over time through trust, loyalty, care and concern, understanding, a sense of being rewarded adequately and justly, of not getting the feeling of being used or taken advantage of. It is also important that there is a general sense that what one is doing is good, that it is not an immoral exercise or that it is exploitive of others. So many other qualities come into play like fairness, like having each other’s back, a true sense of team spirit, willing to go the extra mile because of the special relationships people have within the team.

A good leader build morale by having good gong fu, that is, he has knowledge, he knows what he’s doing. Good leadership takes into account the bottom line, but recognizes that if you destroy the morale of the troops, you are only shooting yourself in the foot. People need to feel supported, to feel that they will be given the resources to get the job done, and that they are cared about.


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