Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 27, 2010

Talent is a gift; Stewardship

It’s hard to argue with the idea that talent is a gift. Skill can be achieved, talent needs to be nurtured and refined. A gifted violinist who doesn’t practice will waste their gift. A person who has no gift for playing the violin can practice a whole lot, may become excellent and proficient, but will never be percieved as “gifted.”

Do you ever assess your talents, you given gifts of certain abilities? What are you naturally good at? I sometimes feel bad for people when I ask this question and they really have no clue or claim to have no talent at anything. Without bragging, I can point to a number of things I have been gifted with and that I have tried to nurture and refine over the years. I’m very grateful of these gifts and do believe in the saying, “what you are is god’s gift to yoy; what you make of yourself is your gift to god.” This applies to talent as well.

When we recognize our gifts, we begin to gain perspective on the stewardship entrusted to us. Do we use our gifts and talents in the execution of our stweardships? And what is it in your life, in my life, that has been entrusted to you? Do you look to see what has been placed in your hands, and at what gifts you have to take care of what is in your hands? This is such a powerful thing to think about.

I am so grateful I have a modicum of talent in writing so that I can express myself in words and share not only my thoughts but important ideas with others. I am grateful for my modicum of talent not only in tai chi chuan kung fu but in my ability to teach, to communicate in a way people can learn. What a thing to know I have been entrusted with the stewardship of my apartment, the people at work, the friends and family in my life, the teaching of tai chi chuan, the practicing of tai chi chuan, in living a contemplative life.

I wonder if the time has come for the universe to entrust me with a new car or if I still have to nurture my 2000 Ford Contour a while more?



  1. Well said. I think we rarely appreciate ours talents as the gifts they are.

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