Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 20, 2010

Spontaneous Moments

Perhaps it’s because I’m feeling old and hate to plan stuff, but I like to live my life spontaneously when I have free time and be on the look out for what’s going to come my way. Often it is with hopeful, joyous expectation.

I played it this way somewhat with an old friend coming up from Atlanta last week. I planned some things, but left a large amount of time for spontaneity. It was interesting. It was kind of a bust. Nothing major. We drove down to the Newark Museum and it was closed on a Tuesday. We then just went for a ride to see where it would take us. We ended up in Denville, a small town on the periphery of where I am, enjoyed a walk around a small town, then drove through the mountains for a bit and actually ran across a llama farm in New Jersey. The drive started with my wanting to take a particular road I always pass on my way to work and have wanted to explore. I made the left, followed the sign to the right, and instead of finding some magical road, it curved me around right back to the main road I turned off of!

The hardest part for me is breaking out of my parochialism or habits or comfort zone. I take off not knowing where it will lead, and often end up in the same place…the Newark Museum, the local Starbucks, the local park for a walk. Should I be amazed I don’t meet a lot of people when I tend to go for solitary walks or go to the Starbucks without a lot of traffic?

Today, I’m getting my car fixed so I’m camped out in the Livngston Starbucks, blogging, and waiting for the spontaneous to occur(the spontaneous is happening all the time). So far, I’ve run into one old acquaintance and shared old Starbucks war stories. And just now, another acquaintance came in and told me it was the one year anniversary of his girlfriend’s murder.

What words are there? The company line is, forgive, let go, heal the heart. The other line is, wait for him to get out in ten years and greet him on his way out of jail and take him out with justice. The last advice, spend today thinking of the positive times he had with her.

I don’t know when the car will be done today, how much it will cost, or who else will walk through the door here at Starbucks. A lot of days I’ve spent with anxious expectation with either nothing happening or it happening and my not recognizing it. Perhaps the love of my life once again will not walk through the door, I’ll get the call that the car is ready, I’ll head home and pack up the laundry for the laundromat, and tomorrow will be another five days of work until my next day off.

Or maybe the love of my life will walk through the door and we will recognie each other and that will be that. Wouldn’t that be something else?!


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