Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 12, 2010

On Our Own

Sometimes, when I contemplate my concept of God(normally, I think of God as an ineffable mystery beyond our understanding, but not beyond our experience, a source of life, a universal mind), I return to my Catholic roots and think of a loving father, one who teaches us through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but then, wants us, as a loving father, to do it on our own and not be dependant on him for everything. God wants us to be independent, to be strong, to be worthy, to make our own good decisions, to take the gifts he has given us and make something out of it, seeing what we do with our lives as the gift we give back to him.

I have had an overwhelming sense of thankfulness lately because I’ve had good run of things lately. Not everything has panned out perfectly, but I have had the good fortune to recognize the many things I do have to be grateful for and it’s a good practice in spirituality and holiness to have an attitude of thankfulness.

So, take the training wheels off, stop looking over your shoulder to see if daddy’s gonna catch you if you lose your balance, and take that bike out for a spin!

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