Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 12, 2010

Devastating Tai Chi Finishing Moves

As a martial art, tai chi chuan kung fu can be devastating, mostly because it borrows the frustrated energy of the attacker and turns it back on him. But tai chi also must “borrow” techniques from other martial arts in order to finish the fight.

For those of you who practice tai chi for health, can you imagine or visualize what you would do, tai chi wise, if attacked? The truth is, you won’t be able to magically defend yourself because you know the form. For those who have moved on to push hands, you’re starting to get the idea. Have you noticed when you first did push hands, even though your form was all soft and easy and relaxed, boom, all of a sudden you are now tensed up and pushing hard and using muscle and caught up in a wrestling match? But as you do push hands, you start to develop that ease of circling and sticking that you see in some of those kick ass tai chi movies.

A lot of tai chi relies on the ground or the wall or other objects to become partners with us to do the dirty work. Circling someone into a face high shelf or through a plate glass window is pretty devastating, as is dropping someone to the earth. It hurts when you fall down! But sometimes, you need to go for the kill, and there are many rsources where you can find out where the most devastating areas of the body are to strike your opponent. These can be deadly, so sorry, I’m not gonna go through it here. But, if you are training to use tai chi in self defense, you do need to develop a repertoire of strikes and blowd and throws that will be devastating and decusive in a fight.


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