Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 17, 2010

Wisdom Words

Continuing my reading od the book of Sirach, we are taught the importance of not falling prey to our own tongues. More than anything an enemy can do to us, we can get into the most trouble by saying things without thinking, by letting too much nnsense come out of our mouths. So, think twice, be reticent to speak unless you’ve thought it out. If you are with truly trusted friends, you can think out loud and seek counsel, but always be cautious.

In Sirach, we read this; “Harmony among brethren, friendship among neighbors, mutual love of husband and wife.” Our call is to foster these things, to be a person of fairness and justice.

Sirach also warns against gossip and meddlesomeness, a truth of the ages. So many people are drawn to gossip and drawn to meddle into other’s affairs. It is not the way of a wise man. It’s funny how in just the last few days, I was approached by well meaning people who wanted to know if I had heard about so and so or about what anotherperson was doing or did. With a lack of anything else to discuss, people love to discuss other people. It’s so hurtful and useless. The popularity of so many voyeuristic reality TV shows is proof of our meddlesome nosiness. Be wise. Keep far from it.


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