Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 16, 2010

The Imprint of God

Who can fathom, or come close to understanding God. The numenous is so beyond us. But the imprint of this ineffable God is on everything, and on us. Whatever is the essence of the divine, it is imprinted on creation. How sublime and wonderful it is to ponder “Our Creator,” to perhaps accept that we are the creation, in the image and likeness, of God? Can we see the creator in ourselves, in the forces of nature and the universe, in the very things that we create, music, art, literature, society, civilization, philosophy, religion. What things can you point to and say, “I see the hand of God in that!” A blues guitar solo reveals the divine, the art od Michelangelo reveals the divine, a round of tai chi chuan, a noreaster like we had this weekend in Jersey reveals the creator. A good friendship reveals the divine. A good marriage reflects the numenous. An act of charity and good will, an act of selflessness, the love of a mother. Love. Compassion. I see the hand of God in these things.

There is so much wonder and awesomeness in our world, if we choose to see it. And there is so much wonder and awesomeness in me, and in you, because of everything, created in the image and likeness of God, we more than anything bear this imprint, bear this imprimatur, prove the Hand of God.


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