Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 9, 2010

What is God Thinking?

Yesterday, I posted a question on Facebook: If I sit in silence, if I listen, if I purify my mind, if I tap into the Universal Mind of God, will I be able to hear what God is thinking, will I be thinking what God is thinking?

So, this morning, I posed the question to the I Ching, threw the coins, and received hexagram 8, Pi, holding together(union). This hexagram speaks to the need we all have to be in community, to be in union with others, and it’s interesting because one of the main points of Rick Warren’s work is that God wants to be in union with us. It is the basis of this perichoresis notion of the father, son and holy spirit, revolving around and existing in each other.

We are encouraged to seek union with others and with the Sage. There are three important things to union and community.
1 First, we must individually hold together with our own inner truth. We remain innocent, balanced, and correct.
2. We resist the clamoring of the emotional inferiors within: fear, doubt, despair, anger.
3. Those on the higher path are responsible to see that others who crave union or some kind of community or family can avail themselves as well.

Brian Browne Walker’s translation goes on to say that a genuine commitment to truth is the fundamental building block of all relationships. Where this is not present, there can be no union.

So this is what I gather is on God’s mind(the ineffable mysterious God thast cannot be named, that cannot be described). There is a desire for union and togetherness with us. The Way of the Tao is going and returning, and eventually all things return to their source, including us. There is also a fundamental importasnce for humans to be in community, but in community in truth, honesty, integrity, and authenticity.

There are all kinds of unions, communities, alliances among people throughout history, but so many of them are corrupted and broken and are operating with ulterior motivations: community builders may do their work for the good of the people, or for political manipulation. Corporations try to foster a type of “family” atmosphere, to either make work conditions positive, or to manipulate it’s workers into conformity.

It may seem that these negative ways seem to win out, but the real truth is that they cannot sustain themselves because they are not built on truth.

As practitioners of tai chi, we are also called to community; it’s one of the reasons we learn and practice together. It is uplifting and helpful to follow the higher path with like minded people.


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