Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | February 26, 2010

Taichi Thinking

There is a hexagram in the I Ching called Ting, or the cauldron. Using the Brian Browne Walker translation: “The image of the cauldron concerns your inner thoughts; whatever you hold in the cauldron of your mind is your offering to the Higher Power…if you indulge in the concerns of the ego–fear, desires, strategies to control, harshness towards others–you repel the Higher Power…Let Go…Conscientiously enter into a conversation with the Sage…Humility, acceptance, purifying inner thoughts, concentrating on what is good and innocent…quiet perseverence and gentleness.”

Becoming aware of one’s inner thoughts takes effort; purifying them also takes disciplined effort. A taichi person works to do this, to purify the mind, to think with innocence and gentleness, not out of the desires of the ego.

Learning to let go of my ambitions is hard, and takes effort, to even understand what’s going on. We practice tai chi, fall in love with it, and immediately want to start teaching it, writing about it, making DVD’s and websites. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to share this knowledge and wisdom with others, but there are two caveats: one, search long and hard to be sure that you are at a levedl where you can teach taichi correctly to others, and two, if you do offer to teach, try to write a book, or make a DVD, don’t get caught up in the money making end of it. Yes, it’s nice if one can make a living doing what they love, but the original goal is to be a tai chi practitioner–this is so precious–not to create a job or an income.



  1. Just as water finds it’s own way and it’s own level, so does our practice.

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